Building a new home is one of the best achievements of your life. It's also one of the most complicated things to be undertaken, and that's why you need a good builder. We can help you from day one to ensure that your journey through the building process is a smooth one. From coming up with a design to handing you the keys, we cover every aspect needed for your build.

We have a number of plans below that have been designed by us, for you. You may see something here that you love, or use the ideas as a spring board to your own personal design through our design and build stream. Our houses below are also available in different claddings and other inclusion options.

The final cost of these houses is dependent on a number of factors, please Contact Us if you wish to discuss any of these designs further, and please read our FAQ's page for more information about what affects the price.

If you are just starting out on this journey, the Preliminary Building Checklist is a good document to start with. As Master Builders, we also offer you a Master Builders Guarantee for peace of mind.

For photos of our builds, please head to our Gallery page.

Click on the image below to see more details of each house, and make an appointment with us to see the full plans and 3d images.


2 Bedroom range

The Farrer - 106m²

The Holt - 117m²

The Hughes - 136m²

The Latham - 152m²

The Rivett - 155m²

3 Bedroom range

The Melba - 132m²

The Kingston - 140m²

The Deakin - 141m²

The Watson - 147m²

The Campbell - 171m²

The Downer - 179m²

The Kaleen - 191m²

The Cotter - 192m²

The Aranda - 197m²

The Reid - 198m²

The Charnwood - 201m²

The Ainslie - 203m²

4 Bedroom range

The Harrison
- 210m²

The Forde
- 218m²

The Woden
- 229m²

5 Bedroom range

The Barton - 301m²