Gallery of our work
We are proud to have been involved in some great projects, here are some examples of our work. You can also see more renovation photos on our Renovations page.

Woodford House, Papanui, Christchurch
This historic home in Christchurch was badly damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes. Built in 1887, this 700sqm, 3 storey Victorian mansion has undergone a number of facelifts to present day.

Our involvement came in directly after the September 2010 quake, with three of our staff members on site almost immediately to help preserve this amazing structure. The quake caused extensive initial damage, the four brick chimneys collapsed with one falling through an upstairs bedroom, and another falling down the roof and through the front verandah.

Sections of the house moved 50mm off the foundations, making the whole structure unstable. Windows broke, internal plaster and cornice cracked and fell and the entranceway arch collapsed. The repair was made all the more difficult by the ongoing aftershocks, especially when working on the roof.

We worked closely with the owners to ensure that the house was not only repaired, but restored and reinstated to its former glory. Read the owners reference here, and an article about the house here.
  • 1920 facade
  • 2007 facade
  • 2013 facade
  • back facade
  • back stairwell
  • bedroom
  • ceiling detail
  • dining room
  • front room
  • bathroom
  • peacock room
  • porch detail
  • window detail

Other builds
Here are some of our other projects, and for more renovation photos please head over to our Renovations page.