Formsteel Buildings

We are delighted to be collaborating with Formsteel Technologies to bring you the best in roll formed steel building systems. As a Kiwi owned and operated company, Formsteel has been producing quality building components and kitsets since 1972.

'As a Kiwi owned company, we conduct our operations right here in New Zealand, ensuring that we keep Kiwi suppliers and contractors busy. We believe in supplying our clients with building kitsets and components that suit their needs, are high quality, are high strength and extremely durable. With over 2000 buildings up all over the face of the earth including in the Pacific Islands and Argentina we are your number 1 choice for quality building kitsets and components.'

We have recently completed this woolshed from Formsteel components. This was a great solution in a high wind and snow area. Read their blog page about the benefits of steel building design and snow loads in high country environments here.

We can supply and build everything from carports to storage sheds, large farm buildings to commercial premises. We can also custom design buildings with Formsteel Technologies expert team.

So when you are looking at your next shed, why not consider using Formsteel and bring Strength, Quality and Durability to your project. Formsteel building systems are systems that you can rely on.

Below are some of their products and builds, and you can see more examples of their work on their website.

Please contact us for more information or for an obligation free quote on your next project.